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Kitchen Scale

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Our Reliable Kitchen Scale is Perfect for Precise Portion Control in Your Fitness and Nutrition Journey



Accurately measure your food portions for precise tracking of your fitness and nutrition goals with our high-quality Kitchen Scale. Whether you're counting calories, macros, or following a specific diet plan, our scale ensures you have the precise measurements you need for success.



  • Accurate Portion Control: A Kitchen scale allows you to measure your food accurately, helping you maintain portion control and track your calorie intake more effectively.


  • Precise Ingredient Measurement: Whether you're following a recipe or creating your own, a kitchen scale ensures precise measurement of ingredients, leading to better cooking and baking results.


  • Weight Management: For individuals focused on fitness and nutrition, a kitchen scale can be a valuable tool for monitoring food intake and managing weight. It helps you keep track of your macros and ensures you're consuming the right amount of nutrients. 


  • Nutritional Tracking: This feature is especially beneficial for those following specific diets or tracking their macronutrient intake.


  • Versatility: While primarily used for weighing food, a kitchen scale can also be used for other purposes like weighing packages for shipping or measuring ingredients for homemade beauty products. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any kitchen.



Power Source: 2 x 1.5V AAA Battery | LCD display | Capacity: 200 Ounces/5000 grams | 



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