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Cake Decorating Kit

Cake Decorating Kit

Cook Pride

Cake Decorating Kit

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Achieve Bakery-Level Perfection with Our Cake Decorating Kit!



Unleash Your Creativity with Our Cake Decorating Kit, it's everything you need to create stunning, bakery-worthy cakes right in your own kitchen.



  • Variety: With 36 different icing piping nozzles, you can create a wide range of designs and textures on your cakes.


  • Durability: The reusable plastic couplers and pastry bags are designed for long-term use, saving you money in the long run.


  • Precision: The flower nails included in the kit allow for precise flower designs, enhancing the overall look of your cake.


  • Versatility: This kit is suitable for both beginners and experienced bakers, offering tools that can help improve decorating skills.


  • Convenience: Having all these tools in one kit eliminates the need to purchase each item separately, saving time and effort.



Recycle and Washable Pin Bags | Material: Silicone & Stainless Steel | Safe and Reliable 



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