3.5L Alkaline Water Filter Jug – Cook Pride

Cook Pride

3.5L Alkaline Water Filter Jug

3.5L Alkaline Water Filter Jug

Cook Pride

3.5L Alkaline Water Filter Jug

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Upgrade Your Kitchen with Our 3.5L Alkaline Water Jug - Clean and Refreshing Water at Your Fingertips!



Transform your tap water into refreshing, alkaline goodness with our 3.5L Alkaline Water Filter Jug. Say goodbye to plastic bottles and hello to clean, healthy hydration right from your kitchen. Shop now and upgrade your kitchen essentials today.




High Capacity: With a 3.5L capacity, this filter kettle can effectively purify a large volume of water, making it ideal for households with multiple occupants.


Alkaline Activated Carbon: The filtration system utilizes alkaline activated carbon to cleanse the water, guaranteeing its purity and safety.


Scheduled Cleaning: The integrated timer feature enables you to set regular cleaning sessions for the filter, ensuring its ongoing cleanliness and optimal performance.


Initial Filtration: This water purification device is specifically designed for initial filtration, allowing it to eliminate impurities and pollutants from your water supply before it reaches your faucet.




Kettle capacity: 3.5L | Filter capacity: 2L | Comfortable Handle | Alkaline Activated Carbon Water | Timer Clean


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